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Henrik Fisker gives us a design walkaround of his latest creation, the Rocket Mustang.


- Hey, everyone. We're here with Mr. Henrik Fisker and the Rocket, and he's going to go through and show us some of his favorite parts of this car's design.

HENRIK FISKER: Yeah, so the rocket is, you know, the ultimate American, sort of, muscle car, and the idea was really to create the, really, expression of freedom and power in this vehicle. And some of my favorite things is when you start with the hood, the sculptured air intakes on the hood, and of course, we've got a supercharger, so this 5-liter V8 does 725 horsepower.

And what's always been part of the performance Mustangs has been, of course, the stripes on the hood, so in this case, instead of painting them on, we actually took off the paint, so you can see the carbon fiber weave, and we actually hand polished it, so you don't feel any step between the paint and the pure carbon fiber.

So I think that looks really cool, and it's sort of a new take on what a stripe can be, and of course, it also shows the fact that it is carbon fiber. We also decided to do the grill with actually stamped carbon fiber. This is really unique, and there's raw carbon fiber that you can see, which probably, I don't, it might be the only grill in the world that's pure carbon fiber.

And then as you move around to the side of the car, I really wanted to show the muzzle by pulling out the wheels. So we have widened the car and gently sculptured the fender out to get around a 21 inch wheel. And it's a little bit, sort of a modern interpretation of the retro Mustang wheels, which I think really fits this car.

As we go towards the rear, it's got this, you know, little more aggressive rear fenders, sort of the rear haunches on the car, and of course, the air intakes for the brakes here, and again a super wide wheel at the rear to get down the power. So it's 21 inch wheels with Pirelli tires, 325s at the back, super wide.

And as we walk around to the back of the vehicle, you can see that I kind of wanted to recreate the three individual tail lamps by adding a carbon fiber cover on top of the tail lamps to really create these individual, very thin tail lamps, which I think really are, sort of, the true Mustang look.

And then, of course, integrating sort of this duck tail spoiler into the deck and into the side fenders here. So we obviously had the freedom, I had the freedom to pretty much design whatever I wanted, because this is a full carbon fiber bodied Mustang. And of course, with a unique body on it. And it's just a very exciting car to drive, unique exhaust, super powerful brakes. It's a lot of fun.

- Cool, thank you very much.


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