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Full-size trucks are the best and worst vehicles in America

Every vehicle is a tool, and every tool has a purpose

Toyota GR Supra 2.0 Road Test Review | Four is less than six

The 3.0 inline-six is getting a manual option for 2023. Not so the inline-four.

Ram to debut electric truck concept this fall

Yes, another dark teaser. But at least this time we've got a date

Best new car deals in America: April 2022

Good news if you're in the market for a crossover or luxury car

Divers recover the bobbing Bronco of Bar Harbor, Maine

SUV was caught on the beach and couldn't escape the rising tide

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First Drive
2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 First Drive | Raptor rival? More like an alternative

We also get our first look at the dramatically improved 2022 Silverado interior

Hertz adds up to 65,000 Polestar electric vehicles to its fleet

The cars will be available first in Europe, then in the U.S. and Australia later this year

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and a Final Four of automakers | Autoblog Podcast #723

Plus crossovers from Lotus and Ferrari, a new inline-six and Hummer orders

Plus crossovers from Lotus and Ferrari, a new inline-six and Hummer orders

Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 teased ahead of Easter Safari

We're hoping there are significant upgrades underhood

15 cars with the highest average dealer markups

Bad news if you're expecting a deal, though we offer some exceptions

GMC has received 65,000 Hummer EV orders so far

And 95% of buyers are converting their reservations into official orders

Tesla jump stunt victim reaches GoFundMe goal to replace Subaru

One victim now has the funds to fix or replace his totaled vehicle

Gas stations sue a rival station for selling gas too cheap

Rival stations are suing a Woodman's location in Wisconsin for damages totaling $80,000 each

Tesla Model S jump on public roads is incredibly stupid

This ridiculous stunt for internet fame shouldn't go viral, but will anyway

1997-2004 Dodge Dakota | Used vehicle spotlight

Why spend a fortune on a truck that's going to get beat up doing trucky things?

SUVs and trucks more likely to hit pedestrians than cars

Limited visibility is highlighted as a potential problem

Ferrari suspends vehicle production for Russia

It also donates one million Euros to support Ukrainians in need

“Ferrari stands alongside everyone in Ukraine affected by this ongoing humanitarian crisis”, stated Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna.

15 vehicles most likely to surpass 200,000 miles

Lots of SUVs, but there are solid bets for truck, minivan and even sedan buyers

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